What I Liked Least about Oz the Great and Powerful

What I Liked Least about Oz the Great and Powerful

This ain't yo mama o yo papa's Oz. Prior to seeing Oz the Great and Powerful today, I was aware that my favorite reviewer, Dana Stevens of Slate, had given it a terrible review. Her devastating headline: "No brain, no heart, no courage."  After seeing such a scathing (and effective!) headline, I decided not to read the [...]

Review: The Secret in Their Eyes

It's hard to know exactly what to think after seeing the Argentine crime film "El Secreto de Sus Ojos" (The Secret in Their Eyes), but it is clear that this is an outstanding film with profound ideas about how we should pursue our passions despite the inevitable tragedies of life. It is storytelling at its most compelling and the pacing is just right. With two charismatic leads, it's no wonder that this film won the 2010 Academy Award for best foreign picture.

Why You Should Watch The Cove

In some cases it is undoubtedly true that "ignorance is bliss." We all must pick our battles in life if only to maintain our sanity. In other cases though, there are simple, easy things we can do that will profoundly better our world-- and this is why you should watch The Cove, an exciting, emotional documentary that suggests that we really have to do very little to keep over 20,000 dolphins from being pointlessly slaughtered each year in Japan.

500 Days of Summer Brilliantly Reinvents the Drab Romantic Comedy Genre

500 Days of Summer will be one of the top romantic movies for years to come. While it might not be starting off with the same buzz as popular romantic comedies like Amélie, Hitch, or The 40 Year Old Virgin, it seems more likely to become a well-referenced portrait of romance for young people during this era, much like Reality Bites and Singles were for Generation X in the 1990s.