Kids in Peru Delighted by Opening of Kilimanjaro Restaurant Café

These elephants move, folks. (Photo by Levi Novey)

About three weeks ago Kilimanjaro Restaurant Café opened in the Lima district of Surco. Decorated like a rainforest, Kilimanjaro Restaurant Café is a thrill for kids. Its large interior features numerous life-size animatronic animals that periodically come to life and put on a show.

My wife and I decided to take our 2 year old daughter this past weekend to check it out. After some early trepidation, our daughter became less nervous and fully embraced the experience (as did many other children). One of the best features of the experience from her point of view had to have been the specially designed animal seats. They aren’t your typical booster seats for children. They allow kids to sit up higher than usual to watch the action. During the show, our daughter got a little scared with the thunder of the simulated rainstorm, but otherwise really enjoyed watching the big animals move and roar. They include a crocodile, giraffe, butterfly, elephants, snake, tiger, gorillas, and monkeys.

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3 thoughts on “Kids in Peru Delighted by Opening of Kilimanjaro Restaurant Café

  1. Hi, Pamela. If you click on the link that takes you to where the full-length story is published you will find the phone number. I don’t know the hours unfortunately, but from what I have seen it’s around 11am-11pm every day of the week.

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