Funny Commercials from Peru

Whenever my wife and I come across a television program that highlights funny commercials from around the world we usually watch because they are good for a few laughs. In that spirit I’d like to share several old Peruvian commercials I found on YouTube. I’m sure there are more that I have missed, but I think these are pretty good.

In the first, a young Peruvian man is propositioned by an American girl who is very horny. He doesn’t understand her very well. He thinks she is saying she wants to go to “Yungay,” a city that was once famously and horrifically destroyed by an earthquake in the highlands of Peru. She’s actually saying that she wants “you guy.” This is a clever advertisement for a company offering english courses.

In the next commercial, a man on a combi (a Peruvian bus) sees an attractive woman (once again not looking very Peruvian) but feels powerless to win her affections.  A Brahma beer saint-figure/spokesperson then enters the bus and gives our hero a Brahma hat. Transformed with the hat, our hero is able to win the affections of the woman of his affections and also become a hero to the people on the combi.

The last commercial I will post is also from a beer company. In an advertisement titled “abuelitos” (grandparents), some older people drink Cristal beer, transforming themselves into younger people. Beer companies would like us to think beer has transformational power, and who can blame them?

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