Beautiful Photos of Paracas National Park and the Ballestas Islands

A sea lion rests on a rock on one of the small Ballestas Islands.

My family recently returned to the United States from Peru, but before we left we took time to take a wonderful trip to Paracas National Park with my parents. It is located on Peru’s desert coast, about 4 hours south of Lima. I will let the photos speak for themselves, and invite you to look through more on Facebook if you are interested.

The Paracas National Park Visitor Center
A stunning cloud of birds. How do they keep from crashing into one another?
You have to wonder if it's better to be on the inside of these groups or the outside.

The Candelabra is an interesting feature that has mysterious origins, but is probably related to Peru's famous Nazca Lines.
A vista through an arch at the Balestas Islands.

All Photos © Levi Novey

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