Bird Love Conquers All?

Yesterday afternoon I spotted a pair of birds making a nest. It was in a cute, but potentially dangerous spot: a flower pot on my parents’ outdoor deck table.

It seemed like a place where their eggs might get stolen, but they did not seem to care, and neither did my wife– who saw it as a well-timed symbol of our 4 year wedding anniversary. Alicia said that the pair of Carolina wrens were starting their family, just as we did not long ago. I made a few jokes about how soon the birds would have a broken family (after squirrels raided their nest), but Alicia just brushed them off.

This morning I decided to show Alicia that I wasn’t 100% brute, so I took 30 minutes and had fun photographing the birds as they collected materials for their nest.

If you would like to see the whole batch of photos, you can enjoy them by clicking here.

All images © Levi Novey

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