Some Cool Animal Artwork from My Nephew David

I was searching through an old desk drawer earlier this morning and I found a cool photo of artwork from my nephew David. He made this drawing about 4 years ago when he was much younger, but I had luckily scanned it along with some of his other work. I was able to find the files on my computer and I thought I would share them and make some comments.

Cabalito (Little horse)

Cabalito is the first one I found, and I think it is a really beautiful example of childrens’ artwork. I really like how the 3 animals on the left are balanced with the tall plant and duck on the right. It’s really clear that David has the potential to be a professional artist, because his animals are so charming and distinct.

I should note that the titles might not be his, but simply what my wife or I originally titled the digital files that I now have on my computer. Not sure.

3 Pecesitos

3 Pecestios (3 Little fish) is interesting because these fish look unique. They actually have swords bursting forth from their faces if I am correct. I like how one of the swordfish seems to be trying to spear a star in the sky.


Guasanito (Little caterpillar) is an interesting take on metamorphosis. It seems to be a happy-going process.


I am curious in Flamenco (Flamingo), what exactly it is that the flamingo is about to eat on the dock. Is it food? Or a piece of trash that didn’t reach the can? Looks kind of like a muffin.

My nephew David.

David is much older now, and hopefully not too embarrassed by my employment of his artwork. I would love to see some of his more recent efforts. In any case, thanks for bringing a smile to my face this morning David!

Much love, Uncle Levi (Te amo mucho, David)

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