My Thoughts about Obama and the Failure to Get a Climate Bill Passed

I imagine that there is a lot of hurting going on right now at desks and on couches across the country from D.C. to San Francisco. If you follow environmental news, the depressing word just got out. Some of the headlines include “Senate Democrats abandon comprehensive climate bill” (Washington Post) and “Democrats pull plug on climate bill” (Politico).

This is one of those times where I feel like our government is totally inept. The Democrats have the largest majority they have had in a long time and they can’t even pull off a piecemeal climate bill. They are scared about elections in November and maybe justifiably so. With Democrats poised to lose some seats in the election, it only seems like getting a bill passed is going to become harder. I feel like we should vote out the underachievers we have in office (even though this won’t be productive). They make all of this talk about protecting the earth and the build up leads to nothing.

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