Farewell to the Creator of the Ant Farm

I will make it no secret. I’ve been asking my wife for years if we could get a glow-in-the-dark ant farm. Now that our daughter is 3, the moment is imminent when I will probably enjoy our new pets more than she will.

So when I saw news today that Milton Levine had died, “the co-creator of ant farms,”  I felt sad.

Even though I had never pondered who had invented ant farms prior to this moment in my life, it takes a certain amount of imagination to think that ants could make cool pets– if only given the right confines to live in the rooms of children.

That imagination proved to be well appreciated: according to The Los Angeles Times, Milton’s company sold over 20 million ant farms in his lifetime.

Milton once said that “Humanity can learn a lot from the ant… [and] I found out their most amazing feat yet. They put three kids through college.”

So farewell Milton Levine! Genius of educational toys! Rest in peace.

P.S. I once wrote about how some people think ants can help predict earthquakes. It’s a cool story– and it includes proof of my quest for a glow-in-the-dark ant farm. Read it.

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