Can You Remember Disney’s 50 Animated Movies? [Video]

As the parent of a 3 year old girl,  I am seeing a lot of Disney movies these days. The latest one is Tangled, which is actually just the classic story of Rapunzel. We saw it in the theater and thought it was great.

When the opening credits rolled, I was surprised to learn that it is Disney’s 50th animated motion picture. That’s pretty impressive. Disney’s animated competition has increased over the years, so it might eventually seem like an important bookend to an era. On a more personal level, it made me wonder how many of the 50 animated films I had seen.

Luckily for me (and perhaps you too!) I just found a 2 minute rapid-fire video from Disney that shows the 50 films in order. I have added it directly below, but for some copyright reasons you might have to click through to YouTube <sigh>.

Can anyone out there name all 50 movies? Has anyone seen them all? Any favorites that stand above the rest?

As for me, I think I have seen only 22 of them in entirety. That’s pretty surprising! I would have figured to have seen more of them.

As a child, some of my favorites were The Fox and the Hound, 101 Dalmations, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and The Black Cauldron (a movie that according to some was so bad it almost killed Disney animation).

What are yours?

2 thoughts on “Can You Remember Disney’s 50 Animated Movies? [Video]

  1. I have only seen 19!!!! oh my!… I need to update my Netflix account asap! 🙂

    Also, I like to see that the newest movies have a different focus on a woman’s role…instead of being the kind and delicate princess that is “saved,” she is a “princess” that is tough, intelligent, brave, and even the one that saves the guy!…. =)

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